notebynote 'in a day' events

notebynote held the first Messiah in a day in April 2014 and the events have been going from strength to strength!

With amazing soloists, fantastic choral singers and incredible musicians we have had some wonderful rehearsal days & concerts.

scratch events are open to all
The 2018 event will be 'Rossini in a day'
This event will be on Saturday 17th March 2018.
More information regarding work, venue & registration will be available soon.
Please contact us for more information.

We had an amazing day - our thanks to all singers, soloists & musicians.

These events are for everyone, no matter what level of singing and/ or experience you have of singing in a choir.

We welcome experienced choral singers and those who have sung the work many times.
However we also want to invite anyone who would like to experience singing in a large choral group,

even if you have never sung before to come along & give it a go!

All the soprano, alto, tenor & bass parts are available on this site for you to listen & sing along with at home before the event. Scores are available to purchase from Sue Lake.

As an 'in a day' event, there are no rehearsals in advance of the date.
For singers the day rehearsal is from 10 am to 5 pm and the audience comes at 7 pm for the evening concert.
We spend the day singing through the various numbers in the work and enjoy performing the work in an informal concert in the evening.

Please join us - we need a lot of singers to make the event another notebynote 'in a day' success.

We also always love to have a large audience in the evening to appreciate the wonderful singing of the participants, so please invite any family, friends & colleagues who are not singers to join in the event by coming to the evening concert. Entrance is free and refreshments are offered after the concert.



2018 March 17th:  Rossini in a day
2017 April 1st: Mozart Requiem in a day
2016 March 12th: Messiah in a day
2015 March 21st: Messiah in a day
2014 April 25th: Messiah in a day

2019 April 6th:
in a day
2020 March 28th .... work to be decided!